Credit: Islandpaps / Splash News Photo: Rihanna In a Bikini on Barbados on December 29, 2011

Rihanna narrowly missed making our Celebrity Nip Slips gallery yesterday, when one of her Fire Bombs came loose from her bikini.

While frolicking with her family on her native island of Barbados, the R-rated sight of Rihanna in an itty bitty teeny weeny red and orange striped bikini came thisclose to X-rated. These songstresses should be more careful when plunging into the waves on vacation!

As much as we’d like to crown Rihanna our queen of the nip slips, we’re slightly thrilled that she didn’t let her boobs run wild. Chris Brown doesn’t need another reason to keep tweeting at our girl. These lovey-dovey tweets from Rihanna, allegedly to Chris, make us nervous.

Sources: E!, Twitter

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