Credit: starsurf / Splash News Photo: Rihanna Enjoys a Hand-Rolled Cigarette in Hawaii on January 15, 2012

It’s high times for Ri-Ri in Hawaii!

On January 16, Rihanna tweeted a lyric from Drake’s song “Up All Night”: “Kush rolled, glass full...I prefer the better things!” while enjoying her Hawaiian holiday.

So when these photos of the megastar surfaced the following day, people began to wonder: “Is she smoking pot?”

Since we’re not totally up to speed on drug slang, we peeked at Urban Dictionary to look up “kush.” (Please don’t judge us!) The definition we found was “a high-grade strand of marijuana.”

The Daily Mail thinks it’s weed, and Huffington Post thinks it’s weed. But what do you think, dear readers? Is it pot? Or not?

Sources: Splash News and Huffington Post

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