In case you missed it, Rihanna recently collaborated with British rockers Coldplay for a track on the band’s new album, Mylo Xyloto. A new video for the low-key, electronic-influenced track, titled “Princess of China,” features the the pop seductress in demure form (a far cry from her recent Coachella antics).

Inspired by Asian culture and style, RiRi gets in touch with her inner goddess and flaunts multiple arms with golden talons at one point in the video, much like the deities in Eastern religions. She also dons a stunning and low-cut kimono with flowing sleeves, swinging her arms gracefully before a multi-colored background.

Although the singer won’t be performing with Coldplay on their current world tour, the band will bring along this video to have their very own Rihanna hologram when playing “Princess of China.”

We wonder if the Tupac hologram needs an opening act on his rumored tour...

Credit: almigorTV via YouTube Photo: Rihanna Channels Her Inner Goddess for "Princess of China" Video

Source: X17