It's appearing as though not even an S.O.S. can save Rihanna and Chris Brown's relationship at this point.

Rihanna reportedly split with Chris recently, and she has been spotted partying with ex-boyfriend J.R. Smith after her Brooklyn concert on May 7, according to Hollywood Life.

During her May 7 show in Brooklyn, she addressed the recent rumors about her split while introducting one of her songs onstage.

“Anybody who thinks love is the most complicated s**t ever?” she asked the crowd. “This is for us complicated ones. What the f**k now!”

Then, after the show, she was spotted partying with J.R. Smith at Greenhouse nightclub in Manhattan.

This is the second time she and New York Knicks star J.R. have partied together at Greenhouse recently, following their time together last month.

Rihanna and J.R. dated last year.

So is RiRi just trying to make Chris jealous by spending time with J.R.? Or has she indeed moved on from Chris and decided to give the basketball player another chance?

In other words, it remains to be seen whether Rihanna and J.R. are a slam dunk together.

Source: Hollywood Life