Credit: Vogue Photo: Rihanna on November 2012 Cover of Vogue

Hate to break it to you Rob/Rihanna shippers — all seven of you — but the Twilight heartthrob and the Unapologetic singer had neither a relationship nor even a flirtation, as Ri confirms in this month’s Vogue.

Tabloids excitedly reported that the two were exchanging flirty texts in August amid Rob’s public breakup with Kristen Stewart. But when the Vogue reporter asks Rihanna about the rumors, the 24-year-old reacts with both horror and amusement, commenting that that the speculation is “the most bulls—t ever.”

The reporter even witnessed the two stars colliding backstage at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards — they greeted each other with a smile and an “innocent hug” — saying the interaction lasted less than three seconds.

Unless Rob can unspool whole Shakespearean sonnets of love in three seconds or less, we’re declaring these rumors officially debunked.

Source: Vogue