RiRi is so over being a role model.

Earlier today, MTV tweeted, "Yikes. @Rihanna's marijuana photos from Coachella spark controversy" including a link to a story about snapshots Rihanna took in the music festival crowd, sitting on top of a bodyguard’s head, rolling a cigar leaf full of marijuana.

Twelve minutes after the tweet came out, RiRi responded with her own thoughts: "@MTV Yikes.... @rihanna ran out of f*cks to give." Her fans definitely seem to have her back, retweeting the note and replying with support like "you are my hero" and "im sooo proud of you tell the world how you feel babygirl."

MTV, maybe worried about upsetting Rihanna, tweeted back to her, "Well played, @Rihanna: http://at.mtv.com/Myi (Still <3 <3 <3 you.)"

Last year Rihanna told British Vogue (via UsMagazine) "People — especially white people — they want me to be a role model just because of the life I lead. The things I say in my songs, they expect it of me and [being a role model] became more of my job than I wanted it to be."

So if she inhaled out there, don't bother telling her you’re disappointed. She doesn't give a bleep!

Source: UsMagazine.com, @rihanna, @MTV