When’s the last time you drilled holes into a table in a random New York City bar? If you’re a normal person, your answer is likely “never.” If you’re Robert Pattinson, your answer would be Monday, October 9.

The Twilight star seems to have vented some spotlight-induced stress by using a power drill at a Manhattan bar last night, or so says Twitter user KillaWolf1, who posted the photo with the caption: “Memories from last night: Robert Pattinson using power tools. New York never ceases to surprise. At Wooster St.”

And that really is the 26-year-old Brit: Rob was wearing that very same outfit while out and about in the city yesterday.

What exactly was Rob doing? Honing his carpentry skills? Working out some aggression? Picturing the stalkerazzi that hound his every move? Or just lending a helping hand to a pub in need?

Offer your best guess in the comments below. You know the drill.

Credit: KillaWolf1 on Twitter Photo: Robert Pattinson Drills Holes at NYC Bar on October 8, 2012

Source: Daily Mail

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