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What have we done to you, Rob-Patz Robert Pattinson!

The London-born actor had a sexy and fully-intact British accent before getting sucked into the L.A. scene, thanks in part to his American accent in the Twilight movies, but also subsequent American roles — and of course his special lady friend, Kristen Stewart who, like, is a total Valley girl.

Christina Ricci stars with Rob in the new film Bel Ami and she told Jimmy Kimmel they both had to work on their British accents.

"They hired a wonderful accent coach who coached me…and also coached him because he spent a lot of time in L.A." Christina said on Jimmy Kimmel Live (via "I got to make fun of him because he's actually British and sometimes would sound like he was a Valley girl. And he made fun of me because I was trying to be British and would sometimes sound like a Valley girl."

Christina said she had a much harder time with the accent, which is only fitting. "But really I was the problem. Sometimes we would do scenes and I'd turn to him and I would [ask], 'Did that sound okay?' And he'd [say], 'No.'"

Hopefully she got it right in the end. If not, maybe it'll just make his British accent sound more, like, awesome.


Credit: YouTube Photo: Bel Ami Movie Trailer