Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images Photo: Demi Moore at the Premiere of Margin Call in New York on October 17, 2011

Mrs. Kutcher is having a rough go of it lately. Hot on the infidelous heels of her dramz with lothario hubby Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore was slapped with a battery report by a rattled paparazzi.

But did she slap first?

According to TMZ, a photographer claiming to have had a run-in with Demi over Halloween weekend has filed a battery report over the occurrence. The paparazzi was in her face allegedly just doing his job, when Demi became aggravated and allegedly hit him.

The good news is that the “victim” doesn’t seem to have any visible injuries. In any case, West Hollywood Sheriff’s department has been given the complaint and will investigate accordingly.

While Demi’s reps have declined to comment, we’ve got her back 100%. You just don’t bat at a bee’s nest. Especially when it’s already buzzing with other business.

Source: TMZ