Show me the meaning of being lonely Gosling?

It's hard to picture Ryan Gosling doing a folding-chair dance with the other members of the Backstreet Boys, but apparently that was almost a reality.

The Gos says that he and Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean used to live in the same apartment building when they were much younger, and Ryan would tease A.J. that the Backstreet Boys were a New Kids rip-off and would never be successful. How wrong he was! 

When the Boys got big, Ryan apparently called A.J. — perhaps to see if they could use a sixth member — but A.J. never called him back. Ouch.

A.J. now says this was all a misunderstanding. He says he didn't mean to ignore Ryan but just didn't have his number.

And now A.J. says he'd love for Ryan to join the group. However, we're thinking Ryan  who actually got his start in the Mickey Mouse Club  is doing okay on his own. And perhaps, if Ryan had joined the boy band years ago, he never would have been taken seriously as an actor. So it seems like everyone won.

Looks like you can add A.J. to the endless list of people who would love to have Ryan Gosling's phone number. 

Source: TMZ