Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Ryan Gosling and His Mother at the Los Angeles Premiere of Gangster Squad on January 7, 2013

If only Freud were here to discuss the subliminal meaning...

Ryan Gosling's date for Gangster Squad's Hollywood premiere was his mother, Donna, and he mentioned how she came wearing his girlfriend Eva Mendes's clothes. "She let me raid her closet," Donna revealed to E! News at the premiere.

Gangster Squad co-stars Emma Stone, and we know there are some sexy bed scenes between the former Crazy, Stupid, Love co-stars. So that alone could make watching the film with your mom awkward — and even more so when she's dressed in your lady’s clothes.

Ryan gave a nod to his mom for his sex appeal, which she passed down through genes. She is a very pretty lady. Watch E!'s video to see Ryan be Ryan — which is to say, be almost intolerably hot.

Source: E! News