The 2012 Olympics weren’t Ryan Lochte’s first. Back in 2008, he competed in the Beijing Olympics, and his family traveled with him. His sister Megan then went on Closing Time, a late night Baltimore talk show.

Unfortunately, Megan didn’t seem to enjoy her time in China, which she referred to as “chinked out,” an ethnic slur against Chinese people. She used the word several more times throughout the clip and made several stereotypical references to the country’s culture, including that she encountered bad drivers, overzealous photographers, and “ninjas.” When the host, comedian Mickey Cucchiella, told Megan that ninjas are Japanese, she said, “They're whatever we want; they're Asian.”

As Jezebel points out, Megan studied “Multicultural Marketing” at the University of Baltimore. According to Megan’s LinkedIn profile, she takes “an empathetic approach when dealing with public affairs and community organizations.” 

Let’s hope she’s learned a few things since 2008.

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Credit: You Tube Photo: Ryan Lochte's Sister Uses Ethnic Slurs in a 2008 Interview (VIDEO)