Project X actress Alexis Knapp gave birth to her daugher with actor Ryan Phillippe back on July 1, 2011. She and Ryan were already exes by the time she announced she was pregnant and Us Weekly says Alexis started seeing Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane while she was still expecting. Alexis and Seth were said to be "quietly hooking up" earlier this year.

"Alexis said people in the industry know about it," the source said of the pair as a former item. "She really liked him and wants it to be official." (She wants it to be official that they are exes? Why? Is there a special Seth MacFarlane Ex Club she's trying to break into?)

A rep for Seth told Us he and Alexis were not dating, but the source said he doesn't want to talk about the relationship because he's focused on promoting his new movie Ted

Maybe he just doesn't want to talk about an ex-hookup, 'cause he's probably had tons of them and if they all want to be named it could take a while. 

Source: Us Weekly