Credit: Roberton Gonzalez/Getty Images Photo: Sarah Palin Speaks at a Fundraiser for the Republican Party of Florida on November 3, 2011

Would you watch a reality show about Sarah Palin’s husband racing snowmobiles?

Didn’t think so.

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin wants back in the reality TV game, but she’s struggling to find a network to buy the show she’s pitching. THR reports that the follow-up to Sarah Palin’s Alaska comes with a hefty price tag, and no network has gone for it so far.

When Sarah shopped her first series, TV networks A&E and TLC fought to buy it. In the end, TLC won, paying over $1 million per episode. Sources say Sarah hopes to get just as good a deal this time around, but the show — which would focus in part on former “first dude” Todd Palin’s championship snowmobile racing — hasn’t proven tempting enough.

Shocking. Championship snowmobiling and Sarah Palin — therein lies the problem?

Source: THR

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