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It's not a full Saved by the Bell reunion, but it's close!

Tiffani Theissen, who played Kelly on the classic '90s sitcom and now stars on White Collar, appeared on NBC's Today on February 5 and seemed to be completely taken aback when her former co-star Dennis Haskins, who played Bayside's principal Mr. Belding, dropped by to say hi.

The 39-year-old Tiffani greeted Dennis with a tentative smile, and then they went on to play a fun-filled game of TV trivia.

So if you've been dying for a Saved by the Bell reunion, you should check out this video  as it's the next best thing.

And the set even resembles The Max, where the characters on Saved by the Bell used to hang. Ah, the memories.

Source: Us Weekly 

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Credit: NBC Photo: Tiffani Theissen Gets Awkwardly Surprised by Mr. Belding (VIDEO)