After just six episodes, Scandal's first season is coming to what looks like a dramatic end with Season 1, Episode 7: "Grant: For the People" (airing May 17).

In this preview, we see that Billy goes forward with his plan and accuses Fitz of sleeping with Amanda in an attempt to get him impeached. Will Olivia be able to fix it? Will she come forward with the truth — that she's the one on the sex tape? At least then Fitz wouldn't have been abusing his power in the same way.

Also of note: There's a quick shot of Gideon looking pretty darned dead. Is there any chance he could survive being stabbed in the neck? Probably not, which is too bad, because we were starting to really like him.

Check it out below.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Scandal Promo for the Season 1 Finale: "The Trail" (VIDEO)

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Catch the next new episode of Scandal on Thursday, May 17 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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