Credit: Pacific Coast News Photo: Armie Hammer's November 20, 2011 Mug Shot

Only Armie Hammer could pull off J. Crew prison chic.

The clean-cut actor was arrested back in November 2011 for marijuana possession (some in cookie form) at the U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas — the same one where agents nabbed Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg for pot possession.

Armie spent one day behind bars before paying a $1,000 bond, and prosecutors later dropped the charges after it came out that the Social Network star allegedly had only .02 ounces of weed in his vehicle.

But the mug shot lives on, and it’s an attractive one at that: Armie is one tall drink o’ water — he’s well over 6-foot — with a toned chest and full head of hair. (We’ll ignore the popped collar.) If we didn’t know better, we’d assume he was under arrest for stealing too many hearts.

Armie, you devil, you.

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