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With St. Patrick's Day approaching this Saturday, you'll probably want to kick off the weekend with a low-key Friday night. So how about a movie? Here's the scoop on three flicks hitting theaters this Friday, March 16.

Seeking Justice

When his beautiful wife (January Jones) is brutally attacked, an infuriated man (Nicolas Cage) accepts help from a shady source to get revenge. In turn, he's pulled into the dangerous operations of an underground vigilante group — and things get even scarier for him and his family.
Guy Pearce as the villain
Not sexy:
Violence against women
The critics aren't loving this action-drama, but thriller fans will be hooked from start to finish.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Seeking Justice Movie Trailer

Casa de Mi Padre

Will Ferrell stars as Armando Alvarez in this Saturday Night Live-ish style flick about two brothers, the woman that comes between them, and the less-than-legit business dealings on their ranch that lead to a war with a Mexican drug lord.
Men speaking Spanish
Not sexy:
Will Ferrell butchering Spanish
Will Ferrell's latest over-the-top comedy seems pretty similar to his others — only in Spanish. In other words, it's probably a great choice if you're looking for big laughs with a big group of friends.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Casa de Mi Padre Movie Trailer

21 Jump Street

Finally, a spoof on the 1980s Johnny Depp classic! When two youthful cops (Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum) go undercover, not only do they risk their lives trying to investigate a dangerous drug ring, they also have to face one of the scariest places of all: high school!
Channing Tatum in uniform
Not sexy:
High school nonsense
This is another awesome pick for those looking to spend the night chuckling. For added humor, enjoy a few episodes of the original show before or after.

Credit: YouTube Photo: 21 Jump Street Movie Trailer

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