Credit: Getty Images

Apparently, not everyone loves Selena Gomez as much as we do!

The singer-actress was in NYC at a fashion event when she was approached by a sweatshop protester, according to Us Weekly.

Selena was at a fashion show for NEO by Adidas, as she's their brand ambassador, when a woman in a T-shirt and hoodie handed her and other attendees a flyer that read, "Selena Gomez: Be an ambassador for children, not for sweatshops."

The protester claims that Adidas uses sweatshop labor practices overseas.

Selena was said to be shocked by the protester. Thankfully, the rabble-rouser was kicked out by security before she could cause more trouble.

It sounds like the rest of the fashion show went off without a hitch. Kudos to Selena for rolling with the punches!

Source: Us Weekly