Credit: Twitter

Selena Gomez is seeing Justin Bieber everywhere she goes!

The two cuties are said to have reunited, and now Selena has posted a photo on Twitter of herself with Justin  in a manner of speaking.

Selena is in the pic with two young girls, and one of them is clearly a Belieber, as she is wearing a T-shirt with Justin's face on it. Then again, who hasn't considered wearing a shirt like that at some point?

“Spending time @VEVO with my littles," is the caption that Selena included on April 25.

In the photo, Selena is pointing at the T-shirt and is pretending to be shocked.

It's interesting that Selena would post a pic of herself that has anything to do with Justin, considering that she is rumored to have asked Justin to take down a photo that he posted of the two of them over the weekend.

Of course, in that photo, they were both in the flesh, as opposed to one of them being made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

Still, Selena probably wouldn't pose with that shirt if she weren't on good terms with the Biebs at the moment, right?

So is this a sign that Selena and Justin are indeed back together? Let's hope so, since this pic fits us to a T.

Source: Twitter