Credit: @RonanFarrow Photo: Selena Gomez and Ronan Farrow

Justin Bieber and Ronan Farrow are both former "child prodigies," in very different ways, and they both have connections to Miss Selena Gomez.

Ronan, 25, was accepted to Yale Law School at age 15. He's a Rhodes scholar, human rights activist, and UNICEF spokesperson. He's also the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow.

Selena, a UNICEF ambassador, recently had fun with fellow UNICEF friends, including Ronan, and he tweeted this photo of them on December 17, writing, "Do not challenge the lovely @selenagomez to a dance-off. You will lose."

Maybe she was just giving him a pre-birthday air kiss, since he turned 25 today (December 19). Or do you think she’s trying to show Justin Bieber what he’s missing … again? They are on and off every few days, so you know they’ll end up back with each other in a minute.

Sources: @RonanFarrowHollywoodLife