Credit: Getty Images

Um, is Jelena having some Scandinavian sexy time tonight? TMZ is back in the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez rumor business with a new story today about Selena flying to Norway, reportedly with the purpose of hooking up with her ex-boyfriend.

Selena was spotted getting off a plane in the Oslo airport, reportedly around the time Justin was getting ready to hit the stage for his latest concert. Apparently fans have been speculating about this ever since Selena was seen on the flight from L.A. to Oslo. (Side note: That is a long flight. We'd be too jet-lagged to hook up with anyone.)

TMZ previously said Justin was feeling "tortured" by Selena's mixed messages. It does seem interesting timing to have Selena in the same city as Justin. It's not like she's always in Oslo every Thursday, right? Maybe their little reunion at the Radio Disney Music Awards won't be awkward after all. Heck, maybe they'll show up together!

Source: TMZ