Unfortunately, there's nothing in the Bible that specifically states how many times you should go back to your teenage boyfriend before deciding it's The End. (Major oversight!) Otherwise, we hope Selena Gomez is getting a lot of much-needed guidance from her Bible study group in Beverly Hills.

According to Us Weekly, the group gathers monthly at a hotel conference room for coffee and conversation, and it's attended by Selena, plus other stars like Vanessa Hudgens and 90210's Matt Lanter. A source told the site that Justin Bieber — who has tattoos of Jesus and praying hands — is also a fan of the group: "Justin's come in before and his mom, Pattie, is a regular."

That seems to fit with RadarOnline's new story, about how Justin's mom has always been cose to Selena and thinks she's a good influence on her son. "Pattie’s been pushing hard for Justin to get back with Selena," a source told Radar. "However, Selena doesn’t want to associate with the crowd Justin’s been hanging out with lately as she thinks they’re not to be trusted. [...] Pattie believes though that if Selena would just get back together again with Justin she could soon get him back on the straight and narrow."

That's probably a good idea. Justin’s a busy guy, and he’s always traveling, but maybe he should make a point to go to this group every month. It sounds like a good way to re-bond with Selena.

Source: Us WeeklyRadarOnline