It sounds like Selena Gomez is looking for "somebody to love"  and she's willing to date plenty of people to find him!

Selena Gomez is newly single and planning to have some fun playing the field, according to Hollywood Life.

“Selena is flirting with as many hot guys as she can right now,” a source says. “Because she’s trying to get the last few years of her life back. Justin had money and fancy sh*t, but she’s hot as hell and wants to find a good guy."

"[Justin] was just a little boy, and she needs a man," the source continues. "So yeah, she will go on a ton of dates and be happy and forget about Justin.”

This seems to back up rumors that have surfaced of Selena recently holding hands with her hunky Monte Carlo co-star, and also leaving a party arm-in-arm with Josh Hutcherson.

Do your thang, girl!

Source: Hollywood Life