It looks like Selena Gomez has started a new love song with someone else.

Selena told Justin Bieber that she just wants to be friends, and she is now seeing a new guy, according to Hollywood Life.

“I definitely know that [Selena] is hooking up with one guy," says a source. "They were hooking up while she and Justin were on and off."

Credit: Getty Images

Selena apparently had to give Justin those hard-to-hear words: Let's just be friends.

“She told him there is no way they are getting back together  she said they can be friends, but that is it,” says a different source. 

It sounds like Justin would still like to get back together with Selena, but the same is not true of her.

“She has totally moved on from him," continues the source. "There is no hope that she will get back together. I think he would definitely want to get back with her, but she does not want it.”

That said, it's not like Justin is spending his nights alone either.

"He is totally hooking up with girls," an insider reveals.

Well, these two certainly appear to be dunzo, which is a little sad. But we're excited that each of them will find someone whom they fit with better.

Still, when it comes to these two rekindling things, you can never say never.

Source: Hollywood Life