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Justin Bieber thought his gifts to Selena Gomez would always be hers. So much for that.

Following their painful break-up, Selena chucked out a bunch of stuff that she had received from the Biebs, according to Hollywood Life.

A source close to Selena mentions that this, along with the fact that Selena recently posted a pic of herself playfully wearing a hat from Justin's hometown while giving a peace sign, are signs she is moving on.

“It means she’s done with that boy, bye-bye,” says her friend. “She’s thrown away a lot of his stuff, too, and she doesnt want it because he’s a liar and treated her badly."

"She is done and doesn’t want him anymore," the friend continues. "She’s moving on.” 

Meanwhile, another source says that Justin wants her to hear the songs he wrote for her on his new Believe Acoustic album, but she's not interested.

“He keeps trying to get her to listen to his acoustic record… and she’s just ignoring it, and him,” the source reveals. “She’s over it.”

Looks like there's now plenty of space on Selena's shelf for gifts from a new guy!

Source: Hollywood Life