Seth Rogen is a recently married man, but he’s already got a wandering eye, it seems.

The lovable actor, who stars in the upcoming movie Townies opposite Rose Byrne, reveals that he’s got a major crush on someone, but it isn’t one of his gorgeous female co-stars who has caught his eye.

“Zac Efron is incredibly handsome,” Seth told People of the Lucky One star, who works alongside him and Rose in the comedy. “He's the sexiest [expletive] on the planet!”

"I did a scene with him, and we're both shirtless, and it was a very humbling experience," said Seth, "I marveled at the fact that we're literally the same species."

Seth’s wife, actress Lauren Miller, doesn’t seem to have any complaints about her hubby’s physique as compared to Zac’s, and it seems as though that confidence boost has rubbed off on the self-deprecating star.


"[Zac's] very veiny. I'm not that veiny,” said Seth. I'm hairier than he is, so I win at that.”

 Source: People