Ozzy Osbourne recently opened up about his drug and alcohol abuse, posting a candid letter on Facebook in the wake of rumors that he and wife Sharon Osbourne were splitting up. Ozzy admitted he'd been drinking and taking drugs for the last year and a half, but was — as of mid-April — 44 days sober.

Sharon had been silent on the subject, but she weighed in on Ozzy's health and the split rumors this Tuesday on The Talk.

"We're not getting divorced," Sharon said (via TV Guide). "However, am I happy? No. Am I upset? Yes I am. I'm devastated right now." She added, "I never knew that he was using prescription drugs. I knew he was drinking occasionally, but I didn't realize the extent. He said he's been using alcohol and prescription drugs for the last year and a half. And that he's been an a-- and he's been in a very dark place. That's true. That's very true."

Sharon said this disease doesn't just hurt the person alone, it hurts the family, and the Osbournes are dealing with it together. We wish them luck!

Source: TV Guide