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Which came first, Sharon Osbourne’s fiery locks or her fiery temper?

The former America’s Got Talent judge revealed to TMZ that she’ll never work with NBC again, although it has nothing to do with any alleged in-fighting between her and her former castmates.

“I adore Howard Stern, he’s one of my good friends,” said Sharon. “I left because [of] NBC.”

Sharon’s beef with the network started when she alleged that her son, Jack, had been pulled from an NBC show after revealing his M.S. diagnosis, a claim that has since been refuted by NBC.

If her discrimination claims weren’t enough to keep her off the network, when asked if she would ever consider another job at NBC, Osbourne struck the final nail into the peacock’s coffin, explaining, “Over my dead body. They can suck my lipoed a**.”

Source: TMZ

Credit: TMZ Photo: Sharon Osbourne Curses NBC