Credit: Vimeo Photo: Shia LaBeouf and Bill Nye

‘90s science icon Bill Nye might tell you that the collision of two stars can result in a black hole, but when he collided with movie star Shia LaBeouf recently, it was a supernova of fanboy geekery.

Shia ran into the bowtied Science Guy at the S.E.T. Awards in Hollywood on November 15 — an award ceremony celebrating “impactful entertainment portraying and promoting the fields of science, engineering, technology and mathematics.”  — and the Transformers star posted a video of his encounter to his personal site.

“Yo, I love you!” Shia, 26, squeals as he kisses Bill on the cheek, nearly spitting out the chewing gum perched perilously on Shia’s lip. (Gross.) Bill, 56, who seems just as excited, exclaims, “I love you, man! And you’re still talking to me!”

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