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Talk about a pairing we’d love to see! Tortured artist James Franco recently revealed that he was asked to be in a music video last year for none other than pop megastar Rihanna. 

The video? “[T]he one with the relationship that gets crazy,” Franco tells MTV News. Hmm, might be hard to narrow it down to one Rihanna vid with that description... but apparently he was talking about 2011's “We Found Love.”

Unfortunately — for a reason he didn’t reveal but we can probably guess as being the simple fact that he is just too busy being James Franco — he couldn’t do the cameo. However, he hopes the fact that she thought of him “means there’s mutual love between us. You can ask her though.”

No word from Rihanna yet, but Franco may soon find out just how deep their potential “mutual love” goes when she makes an appearance in Seth Rogen’s new flick, The Apocalypse (currently in pre-production). According to Franco, Rihanna has “a little part in that,” which could give him just enough time to convince the new actress to give him another chance at a part in her next video?

He should start with his famous body roll move... and then go from there:

James Franco on WhoSay
Credit: James Franco on WhoSay Photo: James Franco Gets His Rihanna On (VIDEO)

Source: MTV News


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