Michelle Shocked has, well, shocked a lot of people.

The folk singer, who rose to fame in the '90s with her many Lilith Fair appearances, launched into an anti-gay rant during a concert in San Francisco on March 17, according to EW.

The exact details of her speech are a bit unclear, but many attendees at the concert have revealed details of what she apparently said on Twitter. 

One concertgoer who goes by @anile02 wrote, “She said gay marriage would cause the end of the world."

Another who uses the Twitter handle @lisahubbert wrote, “Wow, she’s a total bigot and said so on stage. It was unreal. We had to leave. I am so disappointed.” 

Michelle, who is now a born-again Christian, reportedly ended the show by saying, ”You can go on Twitter and say, ‘Michelle Shocked says God hates fags.’” 

Well, that's basically what people did — although not in so many words.

We're guessing she might not be invited back to perform in San Francisco anytime soon.

Source: Entertainment Weekly