It’s a good thing Snow White and the Huntsman dominated the box office this weekend, because the movies’ stars are already plotting their appearances in a sequel!

In an interview with E! Online’s Marc Malkin, Chris Hemsworth admitted that he’d love to reprise his role as the Huntsman... but maybe not for a few years.

"I've jumped from Thor into The Avengers into Snow White, so to do another Snow White, that's a lot of sequels," the Australian actor said. "I'd like to do something in between. But look, if it was a fantastic script, I'd love to. I'd be on board."

With a newborn baby at home, it’s understandable that Chris would need some time off. His co-star, Kristen Stewart, on the other hand seems ready to take on the role of Snow White one more time.

"I would do it in a heartbeat," she told Marc at a sneak peek for the film last week. "I know with the people involved it would only be done [because] it's very worthwhile and it's a good movie. We wouldn't just be cashing in."

Sounds like we might be lining up to see Snow White and the Huntsman 2 next summer!

Source: E! Online