Sorry, Clooney fans. The hope goes up. The hope comes down.

Instead of just ignoring it, George Clooney's rep responded to a new story in the UK's Sun newspaper that claimed he had split with his girlfriend, Dancing With the Stars Season 2 finalist Stacy Keibler. The story said the couple were about to release a statement about the breakup, with Stacy telling friends the relationship ended over his unwillingness to get married.

Well, not so fast, says Clooney's rep.

"A story published by a London tabloid, The Sun, concerning George Clooney and Stacy Keibler is not true. Total fabrication designed to sell newspapers," Clooney's rep told the Daily Mail.

It does seem a little far-fetched that the relationship would end over lack of commitment, since Clooney has told anyone who will listen that he has no interest in getting married again. Does Stacy think she's The One To Change Him? She seems more savvy than that.

Source: Daily Mail

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