It’s been 5 days since episode 5, where we found out more about Wendy’s dream boy and watched her battle between reality and dreams. Now it’s time for the SEASON FINALE! 

Who will she choose? Her real boyfriend or a boy she has dreamed of but swears is real?  I can’t even write anymore I’m so ready to watch it! Watch with us here  

“Wendy knows she has to believe to be with Pete, but her brothers’ disappearance has left her too afraid to try. Following Pete means saying goodbye to Jackson and Fawn forever — but staying could destroy her one chance at happiness. In Chapter 6 of WENDY, she’s forced to choose between the boy she loves and the boy of her dreams. Her decision will change everything.”

Sound good? We think so!  You can watch the newest episode with us and catch up on all the rest here at Wetpaint Entertainment!