Tuesday we watched Wendy episode 2 and were all craving more.  Good thing its Thursday and episode 3, “Follow Me” is out www.wetpaint.com/page/wendy !  Is Wendy already falling for a boy she met in a dream or will her boyfriend Jackson be able to remind her why she loves him!?

“There is something about Pete that Wendy can’t resist. When she’s with him, the world is more vibrant and alive—a feeling that her boyfriend Jackson can’t duplicate. In Chapter Three of WENDY, Jackson charms his distracted girlfriend, but Pete’s magic reaches Wendy beyond the walls of the mansion in ways that delight and amaze her.”


Sound good? We think so!  You can watch the newest episode with us and catch up on all the rest here on Wetpaint! www.wetpaint.com/page/wendy