It’s been 5 days since our last episode of Wendy, and we can’t lie I’m craving more! Good thing it's Tuesday, and we get another episode. 

Episode 4 “To Believe” just came out so watch it with us at !

It seems like Wendy is falling more and more for Pete despite Jackson’s best attempts to get his girl back:

“As the anniversary of her brothers’ disappearance approaches, Wendy slips away to see more of Pete. Walking the deserted passageways and gardens, Wendy is comforted by the mystery and magic that surround Pete. The mansion is their special place, but as Pete draws closer, Jackson and Fawn sense that something has changed in Chapter Four of WENDY.”

Sound good? We think so! You can watch the newest episode with us and catch up on all the rest here on Wetpaint Entertainment!