We’ve been following the new series Wendy every Tuesday and Thursday and the new episode “Crushed” just came out. What does that title even mean? Will Wendy’s dream get crushed? Is Pete real? Is Wendy's human boyfriend going to be in her future for much longer? We can’t wait to find out so watch along with us at www.wetpaint.com/page/wendy  

“Amid the music and lights of Jackson’s epic party, all Wendy can think about is Pete. She knows he’ll come for her, and being around him will make everything feel right again. As the party overtakes the mansion, Wendy finds exactly what she’s been longing for, but she fears that her dream may be coming to an end in Chapter 5 of WENDY.”

Sound good? We think so! You can watch the newest episode with us and catch up on all the rest here on Wetpaint.com! www.wetpaint.com/page/wendy