Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Sports Illustrated Photo: Alyssa Miller at Club SI Swimsuit in Las Vegas on February 14, 2013

Who says modeling is glamorous?

Anyone who watches America's Next Top Model knows the pretty people are asked to do many ugly things in the name of beauty.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Alyssa Miller had to wear nothing but paint for one spread in the magazine, and it literally made her sick. “Within 15 minutes, I had thrown up twice from the powerful chemical fumes,” Alyssa told Modelinia (via Page Six). And the shoot reportedly went on for another 15 hours, thanks to the painstaking painting process. “You have to make sure you are completely hairless, which is harder than it sounds. You know all that baby fuzz that covers your body? That has to go.”

Sheesh. It sounds a bit like what Jennifer Lawrence had to go through (and will again) for her first X-Men movie. She also had to be covered in body paint, and a doctor had to be called to the set to treat her skin rashes, boils and blisters. Why are you such a jealous hater, paint?

Sources: Page Six, E! News