Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Photo: Al Michaels

This was apparently a big weekend for drinking a little too much.

Reese Witherspoon — you know her name, right? — admitted she had one drink too many, and she wasn't even the one pulled over for an alleged DUI. (That was her husband.) Also on the alleged DUI list is famed sportscaster Al Michaels, 68, who was arrested Friday night when he went through a DUI checkpoint in Santa Monica and officers smelled alcohol.

According to TMZ, he was pulled over, given a field sobriety test, and apparently fared poorly. He was arrested but released around 4:15 a.m. However, sources told TMZ his blood alcohol level was right around the legal limit — he blew .08 and .09 in two tests.

Al, unlike Reese, apparently kept his cool and "could not have been nicer" about the entire experience. Then again, he did allegedly get into a car and drive after drinking, so he probably could've been nicer to his fellow drivers by not even testing the legal limits.

Source: TMZ