Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Steve Madden openly admits he's "very immature" and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are "very grown up and very worldly," so maybe it's not a shock that the footwear company exec kind of put his foot in his mouth when talking about his collaborators.

Steve has worked with the Olsen twins for five years, from their Elizabeth and James shoe line and now by bringing the Italian brand Superga to the U.S. and appointing the Olsens as creative directors.

Steve gave an interview to and when asked what it was like to work with the 25-year-old sisters, he reportedly gave a wry smile and said, "Painful. Painful. They’re very demanding, they’re very tough. Just tough, tough. They want what they want. And so we worked hard to get that done.”

He added, "They are difficult. They are exacting. They are a pain in the ass. But they’re very good."

He also called them "awesome" and said they meet in the middle of their maturity and his immaturity. So it's a relationship that works. And maybe after he's said all this stuff about them, they won’t mind continuing to be pains in his ass.

Sources: Fashionista, New York Post