Credit: Jeremy Cowart/A&E © 2012 A&E Television Networks, LLC. Photo: David Hester of Storage Wars

Is David Hester upset about being fired from Storage Wars? Yuuup!

Storage Wars star David has filed a lawsuit against producers of the show, claiming that he was fired after he complained that the show is staged.

David is claiming that the A&E show's producers frequently plant expensive, high-value items in the storage lockers that are auctioned off. 

According to the lawsuit, A&E planted a stack of newspapers that reported Elvis Presley's death. Another episode cited in the lawsuit involved a BMW having been buried under trash.

An A&E spokesman says the network doesn't address pending litigation. Dave is apparently seeking more than $750K in damages.

If the show is indeed fake, this could potentially be a big blow to A&E, as Storage Wars is the most popular series in the network's history.

To paraphrase Elvis himself, it sounds like Dave Hester thinks that the show's producers ain't nothin' but hound dogs.

Source: The Wrap

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