Credit: Millenium

For a movie about America’s first mainstream porn star, we have to say the poster for Lovelace is pretty demure!

Amanda Seyfried channels Linda Lovelace in the promo image, posing coyly in a lacy red bra and thin robe against a white background. And let’s not forget her fantastic brunette curls, a hallmark of ‘80’s hair-dome.

The film follows the troubled life of Linda Lovelace as she struggles in an abusive marriage and embarks on a career in the porn industry, ultimately starring in the most famous X-rated film of all time, Deep Throat.

Lovelace also stars Peter Sarsgaard (as Linda’s husband, Chuck Traynor), Wes Bentley, Hank Azaria, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chloe Sevigny, and Adam Brody. James Franco makes an appearance as Hugh Hefner.

Source: E! Online