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Nest week's Survivor: Caramoan episode promises to be quite a toughie for one contestant in particular.

Survivor host Jeff Probst tells Entertainment Weekly that things will hard for poor Dawn.

"Dawn has a very emotional situation in the next episode," Jeff reveals. 

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So what exactly will Dawn be dealing with?

"It’s a situation that I think a lot of people, if they are truly honest with themselves, will be able to relate to," Jeff demurs. "For Dawn, it was a very tough afternoon."

Hmmm. So what the heck might Jeff be referring to  and why does it require us to be honest with ourselves? Frankly, we hate being honest with ourselves about anything, but maybe that's just us.

Meanwhile, Jeff also feels that Malcom's gameplay this season has been "brilliant," especially with how he was able to get Reynold to give him the immunity idol.

"[Malcolm] learned a lot from playing the first time, and he’s putting it to use," Jeff says. "I don’t think it says anything negative about Reynold. Reynold, Malcolm, and Eddie are scrambling, and from Reynold’s point of view it was a risky but worthy move."

"This isn’t the last crazy Tribal Council we’ll have!" Jeff teases. 

We didn't think it would be, Jeff. This show always manages to out-crazy even our craziest expectations.

Source: Entertainment Weekly