Credit: CBS

Two big guns fired their last shots on Survivor: Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites Episode 12, "The Beginning of the End.” Two immunity challenges. Two tribal councils. One no-longer hidden idol.

First, Andrea Boehlke narrowly won immunity over Brenda Lowe in a balancing challenge (which does tend to favor people with smaller feet, just saying) and the alliance of six found the idol that Malcolm couldn’t find. Erik actually dug up the idol and handed it to Andrea, but since she’s the one who shared the clue anyway, it wasn’t that big a deal.

So who was the first boot? No surprise — Reynold Toepfer. He was a major immunity threat, and an obvious one, as opposed to Eddie Fox, who let his “amigos” do all the work for him while he literally sat around eating doughnuts.

Credit: CBS

There was some discussion of blindsiding Brenda, mostly from Andrea because Andrea felt threatened by Brenda holding out for four hours in the balancing challenge. So the tight six showed some cracks, and how great for Sherri Biethman to be so ingrained in the “Favorites” alliance that she’s not even an option after Reynold or Eddie. Well (and subtly) played, Sherri.

So who was the second boot? The blindside Andrea was trying to orchestrate came back to haunt her. (Loved her "What?!" and "Oh, you guys! That's really good.") She wanted to boot Brenda, even over Eddie (to whom she may have gotten a bit too close), and Cochran didn’t agree with the move. He’s into big moves, just not that one. (Did Eddie steal away his crush? The second Cochran suspected Andrea wanted to go to the end with Eddie instead of him, he flipped.) So he went to Dawn, Brenda and Sherri (go Sherri!) and they formed a plan to blindside the “independent thinker” Andrea. Erik Reichenbach won immunity, so Eddie was wide open to go next … and yet … that’s not what happened. Andrea ended up voted out, with an idol in her pocket. (D'oh! Still played a great game, girl.)

So Eddie never finds idols (he never even looks). Eddie gives up chances to win immunity for doughnuts, but has the capability of winning challenges. Eddie has friends in the jury. And Eddie was not targeted. Could the goofiest amigo be the most slyly successful?

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