Reason number 525,601 for why Taye Diggs is awesome — maybe crazy to do something so dangerous, but still awesome.

Taye was at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night, but TMZ says he was at his L.A. home just before 11 p.m., when a man broke in. Sources told TMZ that Taye confronted the suspect, who ran away — but then Taye chased after the guy and actually held him until police arrived. Badass! Apparently there was also a "getaway driver," but he got away.

It sounds like they wanted to do some burglary and expected the place to be empty. Oh well! There's no getting your groove back once you've been trounced by the hotness that is Taye Diggs. Yeah, you're not supposed to do what he did — 'cause what if the guy had a gun or a knife and hurt him — but come on. It's pretty impressive, no?

Source: TMZ