Credit: Twitter

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles aren't just spending some downtime in the Caribbean. They're also giving a few fans the thrill of a lifetime.

After ringing in the New Year in Times Square together, the musical twosome have headed off for a vacay in the British Virgin Islands.

While on vacation, Taylor and Harry have been posing for a slew of pics with their fans.

Twitter user @emmycfield tweeted to Taylor, "thanks for the pic and nice meeting you! #13 #bestvacation."

Another fan, @LilHELDD, wrote on Twitter, "Just bought Taylor swift and Harry Styles a drink. No joke. #whathappensinBVI" 

One more lucky fan who got to meet them in the Caribbean, @ban_ANNIE, wrote, "I actually made friends with fish and Taylor Swift and Harry Styles!!! So ha!!!" 

How awesome are Taylor and Harry for chatting with their fans? And have we mentioned yet that we're completely jealous of these fans? Because we so are.

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