Taylor Swift hasn't had her own "love story" yet.

The singer and serial dater tells Elle that she hasn't really been in love.

She's had “versions of love that weren’t the love,” she says. “Love mixed with infatuation. Love mixed with comfort and, like, settling. Love mixed with a dangerous level of mind games. Love mixed with too much competition."

Credit: Elle

"When there are too many negative emotions, you come out of it and the dust settles and you categorize it as something other then love," Taylor continues. “Also, I need to live in a world where my best love is ahead of me, not behind me.”

She reveals that her favorite feeling is meeting a new special person. 

“Having just met someone? That’s almost as good as it gets, isn’t it?” she says.

Don't worry, Taylor  we have a feeling you'll eventually find the guy who belongs with you!

Source: Elle via Radar Online