Talk about easy money!

According to TMZ, Taylor Swift was paid $2.5 million up front to perform at the Capital Hoedown country music concert last August in Ottawa, Canada. The show was canceled, since promoters reportedly couldn’t get it together, but Taylor supposedly kept the money.

The ticket company had to refund $1.8 million in tickets, TMZ reports, and a lawsuit was just filed alleging Taylor should pay for the refunds, since she didn’t exactly sing for her supper. Taylor’s rep told TMZ they never made a deal with the ticket company, and they had yet to see the lawsuit. But even if she did pay the $1.8M, she would still be making $700,000 from this non-concert.

But this should all be covered in whatever contract they had. If there was no deal ahead of time over cancellations (especially if, as it sounds, Tay had nothing to do with the cancellation), she should be able to keep the whole thing. Best gig ever!

Source: TMZ