As if Taylor Swift wasn't having a bad enough week as it is, now she's being slammed on Twitter by people she hasn't even met.

The latest critic of T-Swift and her musical chairs-esque dating life is Jack Osbourne's 26-year-old wife, Lisa. Taylor and Harry Styles split up shortly after New Year's. “I usually find out when Taylor Swift breaks up with someone before I even knew they were dating. That’s how fast these things happen,” Lisa tweeted on January 8. 

“Either Taylor Swift is bat s**t crazy & causes every guy to dump her, or she has too high standards for these poor guys! droppin’ like flies,” she continued. Ouch!

Taylor received a similar critique at the end of 2012 from Eminem's daughter Hailie, who called Taylor a "whore" for dating Harry.

We're guessing Taylor wants to ask these people why they gotta be so mean.

Source: Radar OnlineTwitter